Blysk - very first serious HTML5 animation tool

Very first serious animation tool.
Finally its done as it should be done.

Blysk - very first serious HTML5 animation tool
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Simplicity Use your past experience with other animation tools to start working with Blysk in just a second - we don't want to reinvent the wheel, we just give you an outstanding tool inside your browser.

Everything you create is available for preview with one-click preview mode.

Intuitive interface and WYSIWYG approach provides access to our tool for everyone, not only professionals.

Portability Create your animation once and run it on every device, in every web browser around the world.

Some big company doesn't allow you to install necessary plugins on one of it's devices? It's not a problem anymore.

Lack of dependency on outer javascript libraries provides smooth animation even on less powerful machines.

Availability Combined power of HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript gives the possibility to create animations just like in old animation tools you are already familiar with, but without any plugins.

No installation needed, just use your in-cloud image library or use built-in tools to draw anything you want.

Skew, scale, rotate, animate using open web technologies. Break bad habits. It's time to change!

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